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VerifiaBill identifies and resolves healthcare cost mistakes before they impact the livelihood of your business and employees.


65 years new.
Backed by over a half century of insurance expertise, solutions from VerifiaBill are designed with our clients in mind.
Pay less money for insurance with an audited, consolidated invoice from VerifiaBill.

VerifiaBill offers insurance invoice auditing and consolidation. We have helped businesses like you avoid millions of dollars in uninsured employee liability. We have solutions for every company: not only those with simple medical coverage, but also those with many third-party HR vendors, those with complex, multi-carrier insurance plans, and those who have wellness and reimbursement programs. Learn More
Find savings. Always.

Invoice Consolidation
We collect all of your insurance invoices and present them in one consolidated package.

Invoice Audit
Our audit engine catches errors, identifies their source and insures resolution.

Assured Payment
We collect your verified insurance premium cost and pay carriers on your behalf.

Cost Center
We analyze all your insurance premiums and attribute each line to a specified cost center.
VerifiaBill vs. Self-Billing: Calculate your Savings.
You could save money by using VerifiaBill’s auditing and payment service. This calculation is based on the average amount that we have saved our clients through our auditing and discrepancy resolution services. Often times, clients who save the most are those who offer their employees more than one insurance product.
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